June 19, 2004
Arena Conic in Point Arena is completed
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Steve Oliff ~ Animator/Cartoonist has generously provided a landing pad for the Arena Conic 2004. Eli and Corwin (ages 10 and 8) gleefully climb to the top of the Arena Conic and perch atop the prow ridgeline. Eli and Corwin tweek the camera with high fives. The back of the Arena Conic connects the two lobes (regular conic sections). This is the greatest expanse of hanging plywood in the structure. Wide angle view showing four of the five touch-down points of the conic. The backside of the Arena Conic from a distance.
Eli descending near the front vault. Do we feel secure and confident atop the Arena Conic? Eli points the way! Front view of the Arena Conic shows the vault opening. The peak is approximately 17 feet high. Close-up of the "horn," the middle of the four peaks where three inverted cone sections converge. There are no interior supports under this peak. The "horn" as viewed from inside the conic. One of the two skylight openings. In a permanent installation this opening is covered with transparent clear plexyglas or translucent fiberglass sheeting.
View of skylight opening. Taken from atop the horn, this shot shows the prow of the vault opening with the town of Point Arena, California in the background. From the horn looking toward the north skylight. From the horn looking down one of the three inverted cone segments. The interior of the Arena Conic is spacious and airy. The roof surface is in constant curvature. Every point on the roof is part of a cone segment.  
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